7 Really Bizarre Ways People Make Money on Fiverr

You’d be surprised at some of the weird ways people make money on Fiverr.  We sure were.

If you’re looking for creative ways to make some extra money,  Fiverr could be just what you need.  Fiverr is a neat site where members can offer various services called gigs for just $5.  The price is always $5 and the gigs can include pretty much anything your imagination can come up with.   I’ve seen useful gigs such as logo design or article writing services.  But I’ll save those for another day, because today we’re going to look at some of the more unusual gigs on Fiverr, including…

Testing Your Significant Other’s Faithfulness

That’s right, you can have an attractive woman hit on your husband or boyfriend to see if he takes the bait.  Sounds like entrapment to me, but if you’re having doubts this is one way to put your mind at ease (or completely destroy your relationship).

Being Your Imaginary Girlfriend

If you don’t have a significant other to test, you can at least pretend you do.  For $5 you can have a woman “friend” you on Facebook and pretend to be your girlfriend.  Sounds a little pathetic but it could be an effective way to make an ex jealous or impress your buddies.

Making a Really Yummy Grilled Cheese

I already make a pretty slammin’ grilled cheese so I doubt I’d cough up 5 bucks for this one…but if you’re useless in the kitchen it can’t hurt to learn some basic skills to keep you alive just in case your make-believe girlfriend dumps you.

 Shouting in a Banana Costume

So apparently this guy just throws on a banana costume and shouts whatever you want him to on video for 20 seconds.  Can’t quite imagine who could use such a service, but 103 positive reviews can’t be wrong.

Doing Your Homework For You

Slackers get your $5 bills ready!  Now you can spend more time playing Skyrim and less time worrying about getting your homework done.  Now all you have to do is find a way to pass the final exam and get a job where your lack of education won’t hold you back.

 Selling Old Baseball Cards from Their Attic

So you found an old shoebox full of baseball cards tucked away in your basement.  Don’t just throw them in the trash!  Sell them to someone else who only really needs those Steve Balboni and Kevin McReynolds cards.  Something tell me you won’t find any Mickey Mantle rookie cards mixed in with this bunch.

 Tweeting About Your Product or Link

Five bucks to spend 10 seconds typing up a tweet?  Not a bad gig if you can get it.  But is it effective?  I’ll let one customer review speak for itself…

Delivered what he said, I didn’t get anything out of it but he still did what was promised, lol.
Oh well.  I guess you get what you pay for.


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