Book Review – Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less


Life is so complicated these days and it seems like we’re constantly being pulled in a dozen different directions. Your boss wants you to stay late to finish a big project.  He also wants to give you some new responsibilities (though he doesn’t want to take any of your current duties away).  Meanwhile, you’re anxious […]

Do You Work On Vacation?

work on vacation

In today’s world it is becoming harder and harder to separate our work life from our home life. Being able to work from home or check emails on your smart phone sounds like a great idea at first.  After all, working from home allows you to eliminate your commute which should both save you money […]

The Importance of Life Insurance

importance of life insurance

The other night my sister and her family came for dinner and while we enjoyed some grilled chicken and red wine, we also had an interesting discussion about the importance of life insurance. My sister is almost twenty years older than I am and her kids are all in their early twenties, while mine are all between the […]

Celebrity Body Parts Are Expensive to Insure

The New York Post had a neat slideshow detailing some of the most expensive insurance policies taken out on celebrity body parts. Some of the insurance policies are only rumored so I can’t confirm whether or not they actually exist, but several other websites mention similar policies for the same celebrities so I’m inclined to […]

Friday Fun – Top Reads and Mahna Mahna

I’m still trying to get myself back into “work” mode after a week long vacation in the Outer Banks.  Even though I’m feeling really motivated to get back to work and take Wealthy Turtle to the next level, I was getting used to relaxing on the beach and enjoying a cold drink in the hot […]

Travel Hacking Tip – Get $400 Worth of Free Travel

Attractive Couple Walking on Beautiful Beach

My wife and I love to travel, but packing up a family of five for vacation quickly gets very, very expensive. We’re always looking for new travel hacking tips to help save money whenever we can, and today I’m going to share with you what I consider the single best travel hack I’ve come across […]

Back from Vacation and Ready to Kick Some Ass

photo (9)

Ahhh, vacation. I’m currently sitting in my kitchen drinking a glass of wine while I write this, but I spent the last week enjoying the sun and shore of Corolla Beach in the Outer Banks. Actually, we got back Saturday evening (we drove the 400+ miles each way), went to a friend’s BBQ/pool party on […]

Will You Be the Next Entrepreneur Success Story?

Are you sick of the rat race? Tired of your boss barking orders at you? Thinking of telling them all to “shove it” so you can start your own business and answer to no one but yourself? You’re not alone. Millions of people dream of going into business for themselves and becoming the next great […]

These Buyer Incentives Will Get Your Home Sold Fast

buyer incentives sell homes

A decade ago ago selling your home couldn’t have been easier.  Prices soared in what was a true buyer’s market and competition among buyers was fierce.  It wasn’t uncommon to see a bidding war push the sale price tens of thousands of dollars over the initial asking price.  Buyers were practically falling all over themselves to […]

Friday Fun

Ahhh, Friday.   Is there anything more glorious than knowing the weekend is about to begin and you can unshackle yourself from the 9 to 5 doldrums and have some fun? Whatever you have planned for this weekend I hope you have a smashing time! As a new feature at Wealthy Turtle, I’ve decided to […]

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