Are You Sure Your Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations Are Set Up Properly?

life insurance beneficiary designations

Don’t let your family be torn apart or an old ex have the last laugh.  Update your life insurance beneficiary designations today. Life insurance is one of those topics that no one really likes to think about.  It’s much easier to pretend that we’ll live forever, but unfortunately that just isn’t true. Since you’re a… 

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10 Ways You’re Wasting Money

The other day I was bouncing around the interwebs and I stumbled onto an old Dave Ramsey article that lists ten things Americans waste money on.  For the most part, I agree with his thinking but there are a few items that I don’t agree with. Below I’ve listed Ramsey’s ten money-wasters along with some thoughts… 

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New Logo, New Look, New Tagline

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve made some cosmetic changes to Wealthy Turtle.  We now have a new theme, a new logo, and a new tagline to better define what the site is about. The Theme – I wasn’t unhappy with the theme I had been using, but I really wanted to find something that was… 

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Defined Benefit vs Defined Contribution

Employer-sponsored retirement plans can basically be divided into two categories:  defined benefit vs defined contribution. In a traditional defined benefit pension plan, an employee receives a set monthly amount once they reach retirement.  The amount they receive is based upon the participant’s salary and length of service with the company.  They continue to receive that amount… 

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Do You Work On Vacation?

work on vacation

In today’s world it is becoming harder and harder to separate our work life from our home life. Being able to work from home or check emails on your smart phone sounds like a great idea at first.  After all, working from home allows you to eliminate your commute which should both save you money… 

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