How To Keep Up With Technology Without Breaking Your Budget

The world is full of things to keep up with—from the Joneses to the newest technology advancements. While keeping up with the Joneses is relatively unimportant, technology does deeply impact how we interface with an increasingly high-tech world. The business world is constantly advancing as hardware and software pave the road for faster, more personal […]

5 Smart Ways the College Graduate can Manage Debt

Graduating from college is a momentous occasion. It is also a scary time because you will leave the cocoon where you have spent your whole life and be thrust into the real world. It can be a dark and scary place that is ready to spit out the young and the naive. Sadly, the youth […]

6 Factors That Can Make You Wealthy

The strategies and ideas presented here are not intended to make the wealthy wealthier, although they may. Rather, the intent is to offer strategies and concepts for the average wage earner. Don’t Be the Soviet Union During the Cold War, the United States was at the apex of its economic power. This economic power, this […]

The Minimalist Guide To Car Detailing: Leave the Pros Out of It

Chances are if you’re reading this, then saving money appeals to you. Whether you pinch pennies or just watch the bottom dollar, car maintenance is bound to be one of those things you loathe. Regular detailing and deep-cleaning of a car can help it hold its value better for resale later. If you’re not planning […]

The Demise and Rebirth of the Twinkie


As Twinkies vanished from shelves nationwide, nutritionists rejoice and apocalypse preppers find themselves smugly perched atop the world’s last supply of the stuff. It’s not exactly the beginning of a Twinkie black market, but the disappearance of a classic American, dare I say, staple, has economists and market evaluators pointing fingers in all directions. Hostess® […]

6 Ways to Save Money While Job Hunting

In today’s economy, recent college graduates are having difficulty finding jobs. The job market is becoming more and more competitive. With student loans to pay, the pressure to immediately find a good paying job can be enormous. In the meantime, the weeks or months that you spend job hunting can drain your finances. Here are […]

Quick Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting College Financial Aid

College is an important step in fulfilling your child’s successful career life. Education is a valuable legacy that you, as a parent, can impart on your child. It is true that due to the rising inflation, college fees have become more and more burdensome for parents. College can put a huge dent in your family […]

Make Your Retirement Dreams a Reality

Many of us writing on the subject of retirement investment begin with phrases like, “In these uncertain times” or “challenging economic times.” But let me tell you, investing for retirement has always been uncertain and always challenging. That’s the nature of the beast! If investing were easy, then we would all be wealthy, wouldn’t we? […]

How to Budget When You Are Broke

We live in difficult times, and we are faced with an uncertain future. That alone makes planning to buy a home, buy a new car, or even have a baby a scary thought. If you are among the millions of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck, the thought of spending money on anything other […]

Would You Borrow From Your 401k to Start a Business?

Are you thinking about borrowing from your 401(k) to fund a business plan? As you probably know, the basics of the 401(k) plan are actually really simple. You set aside a portion of your paycheck each pay period. The money you set aside is NOT TAXED. Then, you take that money and tell your 401(k) […]

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