The 5 Most Common Interview Questions HR Managers Ask

The job interview is one of the most important steps in job hunting. If you nail your initial interview session, you are one step closer to getting the job of your dreams. While interview styles vary among companies and interviewers, there are some questions that crop up all the time. A good way to prepare for an upcoming interview is to practice answering these questions ahead … [Read more...]

5 Smart Ways the College Graduate can Manage Debt

Graduating from college is a momentous occasion. It is also a scary time because you will leave the cocoon where you have spent your whole life and be thrust into the real world. It can be a dark and scary place that is ready to spit out the young and the naive. Sadly, the youth of today are facing a precarious future.  Jobs are still hard to come by and student loans need … [Read more...]

6 Factors That Can Make You Wealthy

The strategies and ideas presented here are not intended to make the wealthy wealthier, although they may. Rather, the intent is to offer strategies and concepts for the average wage earner. Don’t Be the Soviet Union During the Cold War, the United States was at the apex of its economic power. This economic power, this wealth, allowed the U.S. to become the most … [Read more...]