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My wife and I are planning a family trip to Disney World later this year so naturally my ears are tuned into any sign of Disney in the news.  I was a bit surprised when I heard this story though.

It seems there is a group of wealthy families that don’t like to wait on line for the rides like the rest of us.  They’ve found a little loophole that lets them skip the long lines and head right to the front of the pack.


Simple…they hire a black-market handicapped guide and pretend they’re related.  Disney offers handicapped visitors and their families special access to rides so they don’t have to endure the long lines, but these people are blatantly taking advantage of the policy.

Black-market guides earn about $130 an hour, which is pretty good income for riding roller coasters.  Disney representatives vow to crack down on the practice.

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    A few years ago, we went to Disney World. We didn’t want to spend too much on entrance fee. Someone at the hotel suggested to attend seminars at a resort for two hours and without buying in the resort, they gave us 4 tickets for the day. We would get inside Disney at about noon time and went on rides till dinner time. We did that for a week. So our Disney World entrance ticket was paid by a resort. If you have the patience to hear their sales pitch, it’s a great way to enjoy Disney for free.

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