Pros and Cons of Opening a Franchise

Opening a franchise is a way to get a head start and hit the ground running with a new business rather than having to start from scratch. Franchises have always been a popular option among entrepreneurs because they come with their own template and business plan, plus a home office that is there to help you get set up and maintain your business. But opening a franchise … [Read more...]

Just One More Reason I Love Amazon

When people have a bad experience with a company, they're all more than happy to complain about it to everyone they know both in real life and on their social media profiles. But few people take the time to congratulate the companies who get customer service right, so I'm going to take this opportunity to give one of my favorite companies some props for a job well … [Read more...]

Do You Work On Vacation?

work on vacation

In today’s world it is becoming harder and harder to separate our work life from our home life. Being able to work from home or check emails on your smart phone sounds like a great idea at first.  After all, working from home allows you to eliminate your commute which should both save you money and allow you to spend more time with your family. The downside is that the … [Read more...]

Will You Be the Next Entrepreneur Success Story?

Are you sick of the rat race? Tired of your boss barking orders at you? Thinking of telling them all to “shove it” so you can start your own business and answer to no one but yourself? You’re not alone. Millions of people dream of going into business for themselves and becoming the next great entrepreneur success story. The United States has long been a nation of innovators … [Read more...]