Do You Work On Vacation?

work on vacation

In today’s world it is becoming harder and harder to separate our work life from our home life. Being able to work from home or check emails on your smart phone sounds like a great idea at first.  After all, working from home allows you to eliminate your commute which should both save you money […]

Will You Be the Next Entrepreneur Success Story?

Are you sick of the rat race? Tired of your boss barking orders at you? Thinking of telling them all to “shove it” so you can start your own business and answer to no one but yourself? You’re not alone. Millions of people dream of going into business for themselves and becoming the next great […]

Conducting Cashless POS Transactions: A Beginner’s Guide

cashless pos transactions

Setting up and conducting modern cashless point of sale (POS) transactions can be intimidating to business owners who are new to the idea. If you are one of the many business owners who are making the switch, there are a few terms, strategies, and concepts you can learn to help you feel confident instead of […]

Stupid Business Catch Phrases and Buzz Words

These stupid business catch phrases and buzz words drive me up the wall. They are all either condescending, insulting, or just plain overused. Every industry has its share of abbreviations and jargon, but some business catch phrases spread like wildfire from one organization to the next.  These annoying  buzz words are regurgitated again and again in […]

Update On My Amazon Complaint

So yesterday I wrote about a recent experience with Amazon customer service that left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn’t go on a rampage or trash the company or anything, I just expressed my frustration with the way they handled the situation. Well, less than 12 hours after I clicked the Publish button […]

5 Reasons an Online Business Beats Brick and Mortar

online business

A couple years ago a buddy of mine had a backyard birthday party for his son and a few of us were sitting at a table knocking down beers and talking about how quickly time flies by. Inevitably, the conversation turned to work and everyone started complaining about how much they hated their job and […]

Netflix Agrees to Pay Comcast for Smoother Service

Netflix agrees to pay Comcast

The massive merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable hasn’t happened yet, and the deal may never go through at all if regulators don’t approve it.  But Comcast is already flexing its muscles in its negotiations with content providers. In a joint statement, Comcast and Netflix announced they had entered into an agreement under which […]

Consumers Prepare to Get Screwed by Proposed Merger of Comcast and Time Warner

Have you heard that Comcast has reached an agreement to purchase Time Warner cable for $45 billion?  These are already the two largest cable television providers in the nation and the merger will make Comcast an absolute giant.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m going to go out on a limb […]

Will the Super Bowl Really Help the Local Economy?

super bowl

The Super Bowl is now less than a week away and various local news broadcasts and newspapers claim that the big game and all the hoopla surrounding it will inject an estimated $600 million into the local economy. But how accurate are those numbers? After doing some research I’ve found that independent studies show these estimates […]

People Spend More Money On “Free” Apps Than Paid Apps

mobile app revenue

My buddy Paul has been teaching himself how to code so he can develop smart phone apps.  His plan is to develop a bunch of paid apps to create another stream of income, and his first app is set to be released soon.  I can’t tell you what it is yet (he’s afraid someone will […]

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