The Importance of Life Insurance

importance of life insurance

The other night my sister and her family came for dinner and while we enjoyed some grilled chicken and red wine, we also had an interesting discussion about the importance of life insurance. My sister is almost twenty years older than I am and her kids are all in their early twenties, while mine are all between the […]

Is Increasing Your Deductible Really a Good Idea?

One of the pillars of Wealthy Turtle is the idea that personal finance is personal.  What works best for one person doesn’t necessarily work best for everyone.  This is partly because we’re emotional beings and our decisions are not always rational, and partly because our circumstances might be completely different from everyone else’s. That’s not […]

5 Facts About Personal Umbrella Insurance

umbrella insurance policy

A recent issue of Money Magazine included an article which discussed five things you should know about umbrella insurance.  I’m in the process of consolidating our insurance under one carrier and setting up an umbrella insurance policy for my family, and you may want to do the same after reading this article. Below I’ve listed […]

How I Cut My Home Insurance Bill by $734

home insurance

Shopping around for home insurance quotes saved me 54 percent…that’s an extra $734 in my pocket! How many times have you heard that you should always shop around for the best price on anything you buy?  If you’re like me, you know you should always look around for a better deal but you don’t always […]

If You Have Children, You Can Afford a Life Insurance Policy

My dad died at the young age of 38 from colon cancer.  At the time he died, my parents were woefully underinsured.  They only had a small life insurance policy from their credit union and another small one from my dad’s employer. At the time, my mom was a stay at home wife whose only […]

Life Insurance is a Vital Component of Any Financial Plan

You have carefully laid out the best of plans for your family.  You’ve built up a healthy emergency fund and you’re living comfortably below your means.  You’re paying yourself first and investing a healthy portion of your income.   Everything is going exactly according to plan. Then one day you swing by the deli to pick […]

Four Questions Your Home Insurance Company Will Ask About Your New Home

My wife and I recently purchased a new home and when I called around to get some home insurance quotes, I was surprised at some of the questions they asked me about the house. Obviously they wanted to know what kind of materials the home is built of and how close it is to the […]

Are You Sure Your Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations Are Set Up Properly?

life insurance beneficiary designations

Don’t let your family be torn apart or an old ex have the last laugh.  Update your life insurance beneficiary designations today. Life insurance is one of those topics that no one really likes to think about.  It’s much easier to pretend that we’ll live forever, but unfortunately that just isn’t true. Since you’re a […]

Should You Buy Life Insurance For Children?

Is life insurance for children a good idea or a waste of money? Ask that question at a dinner party and you’re bound to get some pretty intense responses.  That tends to happen when you talk about kids and death in the same sentence.  But let’s take a practical look at the pros and cons […]

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