Weekend Reading – The Polar Vortex Edition

Polar Vortex

I'm looking out the window and seeing a mixture of freezing rain and ice and there's no sign of sun in the forecast.  And even though the polar vortex is over for now, there is talk that it could be returning soon.  The national weather map to the left shows that most of the country is downright cold as winter marches on...just look at Minnesota! So instead of braving the … [Read more...]

What Other Bloggers Are Talking About #2

I was pretty much unplugged during my entire Disney World vacation earlier this month as I really needed to take some time and recharge.  Now that I'm back I've been doing a lot of extra reading to catch up on all of the great articles I missed, Here are just a few that stood out to me: Why Your Retirement Won’t Be Like Your Parents’ — and What You Can Do About It | Money … [Read more...]

What Other Bloggers Are Talking About #1

Once or twice a month my family has Saturday Night Movie Night.  After we finish dinner and clean up the kitchen we gather on the couch and watch a fun family movie together.  Sometimes it is something new for us all, and sometimes it's something we've seen before but all love and enjoy. Since I'm busy tonight watching We Bought a Zoo with the kids, I figured it would be a … [Read more...]

Black Market Disney Guides and Link

My wife and I are planning a family trip to Disney World later this year so naturally my ears are tuned into any sign of Disney in the news.  I was a bit surprised when I heard this story though. It seems there is a group of wealthy families that don't like to wait on line for the rides like the rest of us.  They've found a little loophole that lets them skip the long lines … [Read more...]

Great Reads You May Have Missed

It hasn’t been a productive time for me as I’ve been home sick with both strep throat and the flu.  I spent several days glued to the couch watching Scooby Doo re-runs with my son and I just didn’t care much about anything other than getting some rest. Of course every cloud has a silver lining and as the antibiotics kicked in (thankfully my wife and daughters insisted their … [Read more...]