Parents ‘Frozen’ Out of Merchandise From Hit Movie


If you have young children who are experiencing Frozen-mania you’re probably sick to death of hearing them belt out the lyrics to “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs.  You may also be tired of hearing them beg for all the dolls, outfits, clothes, and stuffed animals of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. Unfortunately […]

12 Times It’s Okay To Be Cheap

This morning I read an article on Yahoo Finance titled 12 Times Being Cheap is Totally Worth It.   The author shares 12 examples of items where you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get good quality.  I’m all for saving money at the supermarket whenever possible, and I also love shopping at […]

Capital One 360 Online Savings Review

If you’re looking for an online bank that offers interest rates far better than any brick and mortar bank plus a bunch of other customer-friendly features, I strongly recommend you consider opening a Capital One 360 savings account. I’ve had a Capital One 360 account for over two years now (back then it was called […]

Frugal Ways to Find Kids Winter Gear

kids winter gear

If you live in an area of the country that gets cold and snowy in the winter, you’re likely experiencing a deep freeze right about now.  We have just received two feet of snow in one week thanks to two storms days apart, and we’re looking at a high of -14 one day this week.  […]

Is Your Smartphone Ruining Your Life?

Technology is a funny thing.  You live your life just fine without the latest upgrades.  But then you decide to buy the latest gadget, and suddenly you can’t live without it. Twenty years ago, cell phones were limited to use by businessmen.  Then, within 10 years, cell phones became more common place.  Now almost everyone […]

Amazon Raises Free Shipping Minimum to $35

Amazon lovers will be a little disappointed when they hear this news:  Amazon’s Free Super Saver Shipping for $25 is no more.  You now need to spend at least $35 to qualify for free shipping. This is the first time in over a decade that Amazon has changed the minimum order amount for free shipping […]

6 Ways to Save at Warehouse Clubs

If you’re a regular reader you probably already know I’m a big fan of Costco.  So when I saw an article from Yahoo Finance that discussed tips for saving money at discount stores, I knew right away I’d be writing about it here. Here are the 6 tips discussed in the article and my thoughts […]

Emergency Funds 101

Your son’s foot slips while backing into the driveway and he crashes right through the garage door.  A water pipe bursts and floods your basement.  Your furnace dies in the middle of winter. Your company is downsizing and you suddenly find yourself out of a job. Life is full of financial emergencies like these, which […]

You Can Keep Up with The Joneses Without Going Broke

There are many people who don’t care about keeping up with the Joneses because they know, as Dave Ramsey is fond of saying, that “The Joneses are broke!”  However, there are others who like to have all the niceties that the Joneses have.  These people may think the only way to keep up with the […]

Now Is The Perfect Time to Buy for Winter

With the summer heat blazing, you’re probably thinking about nothing but backyard BBQs and staying cool in the pool.  The last thing on your mind may be the chill of winter, but if you’re looking to stretch your money, you should be thinking about winter and the holidays right now to find the best bargains. […]

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