Costco Gas Hours and FAQs

Costco Gas

Are you looking to save money on gas without sacrificing quality?  Look no further than Costco. Costco gas stations sell a high quality gas blend that meets top tier standards, and you don’t even need to be a member to take advantage of their excellent prices (more on that in a minute).  Of course if you do want to buy your gas at Costco you have to remember that not all … [Read more...]

20 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

saving money on groceries

Do you spend too much money at the supermarket?   Looking to learn how to save money on groceries? Well you’re in the right place!  There are lots of ways to cut grocery costs, as you're about to see.  Now don’t get overwhelmed by all the savings plans you’ll read about.  You don’t have to use them all at once.  Instead, start off with a few of the easier ways to save on … [Read more...]

Is Walmart Open Today?

is walmart open today

Is Walmart open today?  In a word: yes.  In fact, Walmart is open just about every day of the year. Is Walmart open on Christmas Eve?  Oh yes, that's one of the biggest shopping days of the year!  But Walmart typically closes early on Christmas Eve (usually 8:00 PM) so make sure you get to the store early if you have any last minute shopping to do. Is Walmart open on … [Read more...]

What the Costco – American Express Breakup Means To You

broke heart

For the last 16 years, Costco and American Express have been partners in an exclusive relationship. But last week Amex announced that they are breaking up with Costco after failing to come to terms on an extension to their exclusive agreement. So what does the high-profile breakup mean to you? Effective March 31, 2016 Costco will no longer accept American Express cards at … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Energy Vampires Suck You Dry

energy vampires

According to the US Department of Energy, energy vampires can add 10 percent or more to your monthly utility bill. Read on to find out how you can kill these blood suckers for good (and you don't even need any garlic)... I don’t want to alarm you, but right now as you read this…there are vampires in your home. No, I don’t mean 400-year old Transylvanian men with a cape … [Read more...]