Deep Fried Turkey – The Only Way to Cook Your Bird

Deep Fried Turkey Made Easy

Do you want to learn how to make a deep fried turkey that will amaze your family and friends?  I’ve been making our Thanksgiving bird like this for the last few years (not this year though, my sister is hosting at her house) and I promise you’ve never tasted anything like a whole turkey deep fried to perfection.  If you’ve never deep fried turkey before there are some important things to keep in mind.

First of all you need to pick up a Turkey Frying Set. You could just use a big pot and rig something up yourself but it will be a lot easier and safer if you use a set specifically designed for deep frying turkey. They run anywhere from $49 to $150 and they’re worth every penny. They come with a large pot, a sturdy metal stand, a thermometer, a burner you hook up to your propane tank, and a hook you’ll use when moving the bird in and out of the oil. You should also pick up a pair of rubber gloves to protect you from splattering oil.

You’ll also need several gallons of cooking oil. Peanut oil works best but it can be a little expensive. If you can’t afford to splurge canola oil will work just as well.

The first thing you need to prepare your bird is to wash him thoroughly inside and out. Make sure there are no pop up devices or anything else inside.

Next you need to measure how much oil you’ll need for frying. There’s a simple trick for doing this.  Just place your turkey in the pot and add water until the bird is completely covered. Remove the bird and then measure the amount of water left in the pot. Now you know exactly how much oil you’ll need!

Use paper towels to dry your turkey both inside and out, then season it using whatever dry rub recipe you like. I don’t recommend using marinade for deep frying turkeys because you want the bird to be dry when you lower it into the oil. Mixing water and hot oil is very dangerous.

Make sure the inside of the pot is completely dry too (you don’t even want a drop of water inside) and then add the oil. Heat it up to a temperature of at least 350 degrees. For safety purposes you should have everything set up outside. Never deep fry inside your house or garage…seriously, you’d be crazy to even consider it.
deep fried turkey
Once your oil is hot enough its time to carefully lower the bird in. Use extra caution and go slowly so you don’t splatter oil or tip over the pot. You may want to have a friend standing by nearby just in case you need help.

Now one of the most common questions people ask is “How long to deep fry a turkey?”  I never get tired of seeing the looks on their faces when I tell them just 3 1/2 minutes per pound.  Isn’t it amazing that the same turkey that takes hours to cook in the oven will be ready to eat in just 35-45 minutes when fried?

When the time is up turn off the burner and carefully remove the bird from the oil. Let it drain out and rest for about ten to fifteen minutes and it will be ready for carving. Despite what you may think, it won’t be all greasy and oily. If you followed my deep fried turkey instructions your bird will be juicy and delicious.  In fact, you may never cook a turkey in the oven again!

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