Parents ‘Frozen’ Out of Merchandise From Hit Movie

frozen-dollsIf you have young children who are experiencing Frozen-mania you’re probably sick to death of hearing them belt out the lyrics to “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs.  You may also be tired of hearing them beg for all the dolls, outfits, clothes, and stuffed animals of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

Unfortunately you may be listening to their pleas for a long time as many parents are finding it utterly impossible to find any Frozen merchandise at all.  Stores everywhere are completely wiped out and if you check online auction sites like eBay you’ll find anything Frozen-related selling at grossly overpriced rates.

Some are accusing Disney of deliberately limiting merchandise availability to build up scarcity and demand.  But that seems unlikely to me…after all, wouldn’t Disney want to sell as much merchandise as possible?

I think it’s more likely that both Disney and retailers underestimated how big the movie would be and didn’t want to get stuck with warehouses full of unsold merchandise.  After lackluster merchandise sales from recent princess movies like Tangled, Brave, and The Princess and the Frog, you can’t blame them for being cautious.

But as the Frozen phenomenon continues to sweep the world, manufacturers and retailers can’t stock shelves fast enough.  The site of parents going from one store to the next and fighting with each other over a toy is reminiscent of past crazes over Cabbage Patch Kids and the Tickle-Me Elmo doll.

Sadly, the kids who do have these toys have to worry about other kids and even parents stealing them.  A friend of mine took her kids to the park and while they were riding the swings someone swiped an Elsa doll out of the baby stroller.  Who would do that to a kid?

My daughters were lucky enough to get a few Frozen toys before the mania really took off.  They have dolls of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, plus a plush Olaf that my little one sleeps with every night.  Until the craziness ends and I can be sure some lowlife won’t be trying to steal from my kids, the toys stay safely locked in our house.

Source: NY Post

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    I heard that Disney was being more cautious with the merchandising of Frozen due to the last few movies lack of merchandise success. For example, with Monsters U, Disney went really heavily into licensing to other companies, but many of those items ended up on discount too soon. I hope they get some more stuff out soon!

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