Shrinking Paychecks and Some Good Reading

You’ve probably already received your first paycheck of 2013 and if you were paying attention you noticed that it was a bit smaller than you’re used to.

“What the hell??  I thought we avoided the fiscal cliff!  I don’t make anywhere near $400,000!”

While we were lucky enough to avoid the truly punishing tax increases that would have occurred if the country had gone over the cliff, one tax cut was not renewed.  The 2 percent Social Security tax cut that President Obama helped pass expired on December 31 which means your contributions to Social Security went up by 2 percent to their previous levels.

If you make $40,000, your take home pay will be reduced by $800 in 2013.  If you make $75,000 it will be reduced by $1500.  Ouch.

What this means is you will have to make do with less, either by cutting your expenses, increasing your income, or some combination of the two.

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