Stanley Cup Finals and Links

I know this isn’t a sports blog but I just had to give a shout out to my NJ Devils who are playing for the Stanley Cup.  I didn’t expect them to get this far but they exceeded my expectations and are only 4 wins away from bringing home their fourth Cup.  I would be a great to see Marty Brodeur hoist the cup over his head one more time.

Anyway, here are some of the best articles I’ve read lately…

One Million Dollars Isn’t What It Used to Be | Consumerism Commentary
Your Disaster Fund and the Best Places to Hide Money in Your Home | Len Penzo
10 Tips For Saving Money While You Travel | Bible Money Matters
How I Tripled My Affiliate Revenue Without Adding Traffic and You Can Too | Don’t Do It Yourself
13 Things to Teach Your Kids About Credit Cards | Wisebread
How to Stop Fighting About Money With Your Spouse | Money Crashers
When is it Time to Find a New Job? | Million Dollar Journey
Why Are There Jobless Veterans And How Can We Help? | Yakezie
5 Important Investing Lessons Learned from the FaceBook IPO | Cash Money Life
Making More Versus Spending Less | Free Money Finance

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