Travel Hacking Tip – Get $400 Worth of Free Travel

travel hacking - $400 in travel rewards
Can you believe we got this vacation for FREE??

My wife and I love to travel, but packing up a family of five for vacation quickly gets very, very expensive. We’re always looking for new travel hacking tips to help save money whenever we can, and today I’m going to share with you what I consider the single best travel hack I’ve come across in a long time.   With this simple tip you’ll be able to get a free $400 in travel rewards with no restrictions or blackouts.  You can use the $400 to pay for all or a portion of any vacation expenses including airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, cruises, and more.

 How to Get $400 in Free Travel Rewards

The secret of this travel hack is to sign up for a new credit card called the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard which comes with an amazing signup bonus that translates into $400 in free travel rewards. Just follow these three simple steps to grab your rewards:

  1. Click here to sign up for the card now
  2. Spend at least $3,000 in the first 90 days
  3. Redeem your $400 rewards as a statement credit

That’s it!  Just use your new credit card as you normally would and charge at least $3,000 in the first three months and you’ll earn 40,000 bonus miles which is equal to $400. I’m sure if you use the card for gas, groceries, and other purchases you’ll have no problem reaching the $3,000 minimum.  Of course you don’t want to go into debt just to get some travel rewards, so make sure you pay off the balance each month and you’ll be fine. As far as the rewards are concerned, you can apply your $400 bonus to any travel expenses charged to the card within the previous 120 days.  So just charge your airfare and hotel expenses to the card and then redeem your rewards to pay for them.  If your trip is $400 or under it won’t cost you a penny!

In our opinion the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard is the best rewards credit card on the market and it belongs in every travelers wallet.  You can read our full review of the card here, or click here to sign up and get your rewards right now.  


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  1. says

    I’ve read so many good reviews about the Barclay card, but didn’t realize it was that easy to earn $400 in rewards! This would be easy for me to do since I use my credit card for everyday expenses. I definitely need to consider this!

  2. says

    I prefer cash because I know I paid for it and don’t owe any money. However, there are some pretty amazing credit card cash back deals available so I’m considering a credit card in the future.

    • says

      Using cash is a wise move, but if you can work the credit card points to get free vacations and other rewards I think it is worth it. Just make sure you don’t carry a balance.

  3. says

    Thanks for the tip, Mike! This is actually really great. We would love to travel too but there’s six of us and just thinking about how much money we’ll need for a vacation dampens our spirits. We might consider signing up for the Barlay card.


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