Valentine’s Day Gifts and $100 Contest

Valentine’s Day can be tough for guys who struggle to find the right gift for their significant other.  Do you go with flowers, candy, lingerie, jewelry, or a giant stuffed bear?

Hopefully you know your wife or girlfriend well enough to figure out what she wants (and don’t ever believe that old line about you not needing to get her a gift!) or you are at least aware enough to catch the hints that she is probably throwing your way.

One thing my wife and I always agreed on was that we’d set a spending limit on Valentine’s Day gifts.  An inexpensive yet thoughtful gift is always better than a pricey gift that required no thought at all.

Now, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to get your special someone a Valentine’s Day gift, you need to pay special attention to the contest below.  The contest is sponsored by Coupon Follow and they’re giving away a $100 prize in either cash or an Amazon gift card (winner’s choice).  That will certainly buy a nice bouquet of flowers or chocolate covered strawberries!

See below to enter the contest for your chance to win the $100 prize.

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    I told the bf I didn’t need a gift for Christmas and guess what I ended up with? Nothing. I was fine with that since that’s explicitly what I told him. But a lot of girls wouldn’t have been. At least buy or make a card and write something sentimental to be safe.

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    What I want for this Valentines Day is a special homemade chocolate mousse my husband bakes everytime I am stressed. We actually both have sweet tooth so both of us would surely enjoy this.

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