When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Buying a new car can be a nerve-wracking experience.  As soon as you walk in to the dealership the salesmen start circling like vultures.  They just can’t wait to sink their teeth in to you and suck you dry.

But all is not lost…you can still strike a good deal if you do your homework first and stick to your guns.  And you can increase your negotiating power if you know the best times to buy a new car.  My buddy Geoff put together the infographic below, which not only looks pretty cool…but also contains some really valuable facts that will make your next car buying experience a lot smoother.
Best time to buy a car
Source: Best Time to Buy a Car

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    Thanks for sharing the graphic. I had heard before that the last few days of the month were a good time to try to wheel and deal for a new car, but I hadn’t considered the flip side that the first few days of the month would likely be slow.

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    I think that buying a used car at the end of year can give you right deals. At the end of December, it happens that the car companies and car dealers try to sell as many vehicles they can to increase their unit sales as they have target set for the no. of sales. You can buy a new car when it’s too cold or hot because these are the times when most of the people stay at home so dealers can give you discounts too as the sales in these time is low.

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