Yankees Eliminated and Some Cool Links

I’m writing this right after watching the New York Yankees get unceremoniously swept out of the playoffs by the Detroit Tigers.  The Yankees mammoth payroll and star-studded lineup wasn’t enough to get them to the World Series.

It just goes to show that money doesn’t cure everything.  No team has spent more money than the Yankees but their lineup looks tired and old and I would expect some big changes next year…although with all of the monster contracts already weighing them down it may be difficult to make adjustments without eating a lot of cash.

As a Mets fan I can’t say I’m sad to see the Yankees go, but it is a shame to watch a team that not long ago a model franchise disintegrate in the playoffs.  Ownership will be tested just like any management group would and the decisions they make now will help determine their fate for years to come.

Here are some interesting articles to keep you busy over the weekend…

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    Hi Mike, So happy someone is writing this.LOL I love NYC but I’m a Red Sox fan. I wonder where Alex Rodriquez will end up. I’m also wondering where Bobby Valentine will be. Do you want him back?

    • says

      Hi Karen! I liked Bobby Valentine when he managed the Mets (though he could try your patience at times) and I don’t think he got a fair chance to succeed in Boston, but he’ll probably go back to broadcasting and I’d be surprised if he got another shot managing. As for the Mets, well…they’re the Mets. haha

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