Wealthy Turtle Is Growing

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When you first start blogging it can be really hard to stay motivated.  No one even knows you exist and you feel like you're just writing for yourself. Little by little you meet other bloggers and your site actually starts getting visitors that don't have the same last name as you. Some of them even subscribe to your blog because they enjoy your writing and don't want to … [Read more...]

Save Money With Generic Drugs

generic drugs

Whether you're talking about antibiotics for a bad ear infection, blood pressure medication, or birth control pills, prescription drugs can really do a number on your budget. Elderly folks are hit particularly hard by the high the cost of prescription medications as they are more likely to be on multiple medications at the same time.  I remember before my mom passed away she … [Read more...]

Isaac Newton’s Guide to Personal Finance


Lately I've found myself watching less and less television.  Sure there are some shows that I enjoy and I like to catch a Mets game now and then, but there are just so many better things to do with my nights.  I have big goals, and if I’m going to achieve them I need to spend my free time working towards them instead of watching American Idol or old Golden Girls … [Read more...]

Turn Off The Lights!

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Most people would say that saving money isn't as simple as flipping a switch. But in today's edition of Money Saving Mondays we're going to prove that you really can save money by flipping a switch! Do you ever open up your electric bill and feel a sudden loss of consciousness when you see the amount due?  I know I have and if you're like me you don't like paying any more … [Read more...]

The Room – A Book Review

the room by jonas karlsson

I love to read and Blogging for Books has become one of my favorite websites.  If you have a blog of any size you can request a free review copy (print or ebook) of many popular books to enjoy as long as you're willing to write up an honest review. I generally review personal finance or business books here at Wealthy Turtle, but today I'm writing about a short novel called … [Read more...]