Getting Dinner on the Table on Busy Week Nights

There is an image of the 1950s housewife, complete with her red and white ruffle apron, presenting her husband a nice roast fresh from the oven after he has returned from work and had time to read the paper. Obviously, we are now far from those days; in many families both parents work and the six o’clock hour is a busy one filled with tired, hungry kids and parents … [Read more...]

How to Have an Organic Garden Even If You Rent

If you are a renter, you may think gardening is not possible for you.  After all, if you do have a yard, it is not yours to dig up and create a garden.  Often, you may not even have room to garden.  However, there are other ways you can garden even if you are a renter, and you’ll reap the rewards of much lower grocery bills during the growing season. Community Garden Many … [Read more...]

Give the Kids Chores to Save Your Sanity

Do your kids have regular chores they do around the house?  If you're a work at home parent or both parents work out of the home, assigning your children chores is essential to maintaining some order in your home.  (A stay-at-home parent can benefit, too.  There's no reason the parent has to do everything.)  Besides keeping your home cleaner, assigning chores is an excellent … [Read more...]