99 Words on Being Snubbed

A recent post on Money Beagle got me thinking about how many people take offense where none was intended. Are you the type who always feels like people are putting you down, excluding you, or snubbing you? You could be right of course, but odds are their snub was unintentional or completely imagined in your mind.  The truth is most people are so wrapped up in their own … [Read more...]

99 Words On…Seat Belt Laws

It always surprises me when I see signs reminding drivers that it’s against the law to not wear a seat belt. And by surprises I mean boggles my mind. To me, wearing a seat belt is just common sense even if seat belt laws didn't mandate it.   Wearing your seat belt should be part of your driving routine just like checking your mirrors and using turn signals. I can only … [Read more...]

99 Words On…Income Diversification

We always hear financial experts advising us to diversify our investments to minimize risk.  "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," they say. But how come no one ever talks about diversifying your income?  Think about it.  If all of your income comes from just one source, what would you do if that source suddenly dries up? Developing multiple sources of income is one of … [Read more...]

99 Words On…Being a Deadbeat

Usually if someone called you a deadbeat you would take it as an insult.  But there’s one exception to this rule. Deadbeat is the term used by credit card companies to describe people who wisely pay their bill in full every month.  These deadbeats have the nerve to take advantage of the convenient nature of credit cards while avoiding all the finance charges associated with … [Read more...]

99 Words On…

There is an outstanding personal finance blogger named Len Penzo who has a recurring post theme called “100 Words On…” in which he shares his thoughts on a particular topic in about 100 words. At first glance it may seem like a cop out to write such a short post but it can actually be quite difficult to convey a clear and coherent idea in such a small amount of space. I’m … [Read more...]