5 Drawbacks to Working from Home

Are you a working parent dreaming of the day you can quit your job and stay home caring for your child and working on the side?  If so, I completely understand where you are coming from. Nine years ago, when my first child was born, I wanted nothing more than to work from home and […]

Should A Woman Quit Her Job to Stay Home with Her Child?

Once a couple finds out they are expecting, one of the toughest decisions is determining who will care for the child.  Will both parents work and utilize day care?  Will one parent stay home?  If so, which one? Often the woman decides to be the one to put her career on hold and stay home […]

Free College Education For Your Kids. . .If You’re Willing to Move

‘Tis the season for millions of high school graduates to leave home and begin their college experience.  If they’re lucky and have worked hard, they have earned scholarships or have parents who’ve been saving for their education for years.  If all goes right, they’ll leave college with no debt. If they’re not so lucky or […]

If You’re Creative, You Can Cap College Costs Using These 6 Strategies

A few weeks ago, the government let student loan interest rates return to 6.8%.  Sure, they could always retroactively put the rate down to 3.4%, and most people think that they will, eventually.  However, the fact remains that most students rely on student loans to get through college, and most of them have a hard […]

Work at Home Parent with Limited Time? Try This Trick to Prioritize Your Work

If you’re a work at home parent, unless your kids go to school all day, you’re likely working fewer hours than you would like.  Juggling parenting and working isn’t easy, especially when you have young children.  If you feel like your life is out of balance, try this trick to bring it back into balance. […]

5 Smart Ways the College Graduate can Manage Debt

Graduating from college is a momentous occasion. It is also a scary time because you will leave the cocoon where you have spent your whole life and be thrust into the real world. It can be a dark and scary place that is ready to spit out the young and the naive. Sadly, the youth […]

6 Ways to Save Money While Job Hunting

In today’s economy, recent college graduates are having difficulty finding jobs. The job market is becoming more and more competitive. With student loans to pay, the pressure to immediately find a good paying job can be enormous. In the meantime, the weeks or months that you spend job hunting can drain your finances. Here are […]

Quick Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting College Financial Aid

College is an important step in fulfilling your child’s successful career life. Education is a valuable legacy that you, as a parent, can impart on your child. It is true that due to the rising inflation, college fees have become more and more burdensome for parents. College can put a huge dent in your family […]

7 Awesome Jobs That Offer Student Loan Forgiveness

We all know how student loans can cause crushing debts that extend for most of our lives, especially if we don’t find the right job. Paying for your college debts 20 years after you’ve graduated can be harsh on the pocket.   Even with a high salary these debts can remain burdensome for many years. […]

The 5 Most Common Interview Questions HR Managers Ask

The job interview is one of the most important steps in job hunting. If you nail your initial interview session, you are one step closer to getting the job of your dreams. While interview styles vary among companies and interviewers, there are some questions that crop up all the time. A good way to prepare […]

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