Digging Yourself Out of Debt

Are you having trouble paying your bills?  Receiving calls from debt collectors?  Worried about losing your home? You’re not alone.  Millions of people are deep in debt and struggling to stay afloat.  Whether your debt stems from the loss of a job, a family illness, or overspending…it can be pretty overwhelming.  But no matter how deep of a hole you are in, there is usually … [Read more...]

Sizing Up Your Debt


Debt is a major problem in today's world. It's easy to get so far into debt that it seems like your every move is blocked by an insurmountable wall. But with the right plan, the right mindset, and a little bit of work you'll be able to break that wall into smaller chunks and before you know it you'll be on the other side...debt free! The first thing you should do is sit down … [Read more...]

Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche – Which is Better?

Debt sucks.  Watching large chunks of your paycheck go towards credit cards, student loans, car loans, and a mortgage can be disheartening and make you feel like a puppet.  When you are in debt you’re forced to work and earn money that you can’t even enjoy.  Your creditors get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you ever want to enjoy true financial freedom you need to cut … [Read more...]

How to Consolidate Your Debt

consolidate debt

What are the Best Ways to Consolidate Your Debt? Debt sucks.  When you're in debt you just don't have any control over your life.  Rather than working towards your own goals and dreams you have to work to pay off someone else.  You could be traveling the world or investing for the future but you never have the money to do those types of things because all your money goes … [Read more...]

Do You Lie to Yourself About Your Finances?

Back in the day, I loved watching Everybody Loves Raymond.  There was one episode in particular called The Checkbook that still sticks with me.  Debra does all the money management and budgeting for the household, and Raymond finds out that Debra had borrowed money's from Ray's parents to make ends meet one month.  Ray is upset and thinks that Debra is not doing a good job with … [Read more...]