I’m Shopping for a Washer and Dryer

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Man, when it rains it pours. In December our hot water heater started leaking all over the place. It was an older heater and it had finally had enough.  We had to call a plumber to install a new one for us. In January, our refrigerator died.  We tried calling a repairman to fix it but even after he replaced three parts and spent a total of seven hours working on it the … [Read more...]

Top 10 TV Christmas Specials


One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is cuddling up on the couch with my kids and watching our favorite Christmas specials.  There’s just something special about watching holiday shows and movies by the light of the Christmas tree.  But there’s so many classic Christmas specials to choose from…which should you watch first? Well everyone has their own favorites so … [Read more...]

Skinnytaste Cookbook Review


I'm on a mission to lose weight and my wife is a big fan of the Skinnytaste blog, so when I had an opportunity to grab a free copy of the Skinnytaste Cookbook I jumped at it. When it came in the mail my wife practically jumped out of her shoes and dove right in looking for new dinner recipes that would be both healthy and full of flavor.  We've already used one recipe for … [Read more...]

Back from Vacation and Ready to Kick Some Ass

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Ahhh, vacation. I'm currently sitting in my kitchen drinking a glass of wine while I write this, but I spent the last week enjoying the sun and shore of Corolla Beach in the Outer Banks. Actually, we got back Saturday evening (we drove the 400+ miles each way), went to a friend's BBQ/pool party on Sunday, and today I've been focusing on getting things done around the … [Read more...]