What is a 401k Plan and How Does It Work?


You’ve probably heard the term 401(k) a thousand times before and you might even have some of your money invested in one, but how much do you really know about it?   Perhaps you don’t even realize that you’re eligible to participate in a 401(k) plan.  Or maybe you are eligible but you don’t know anything […]

Investing in Lego and Other Collectibles

Color building blocks

When we talk about different types of investments we are usually referring to things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate.  These are the traditional assets that make up a typical investor’s portfolio. But there are alternative investments out there too, and more and more people are turning their back on the traditional stock […]

How to Make the Most of Your 401k

When you look at the balance in your 401k account, do you start to get depressed?  Do you panic and worry that you’ll never have enough saved to retire and enjoy the finer things in life?  If so, you’d better start whipping your retirement savings into shape!  Here are some tips to help you make […]

2014 Stock Market Holidays

What Stock Market Holidays Are Scheduled for 2014? As 2013 winds down to its inevitable end, now is the time to start looking ahead to 2014.  Investors will need to know when the stock markets are closed because those are days they can not trade. That goes for any automatic investments you might have set […]

How and Where to Invest Your Money Wisely

Good investment strategies are the key to building your wealth and achieving your medium and long-term investment goals. Smart investing involves not only choosing the correct investment options but also monitoring individual investments, rebalancing your asset allocation, and replacing poor performing investment options with higher performing ones. Read on if you want to find out […]

Dividend Aristocrats List -The Best Dividend Paying Stocks

dividend paying stocks

If you’re looking for a list of the best dividend paying stocks to invest in, you’ve found it. The S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats list is monitored closely by investors who prefer stocks that pay dividends. Each of the companies on the list has demonstrated a consistent and long term policy of dividend growth. In order […]

Book Review – How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

how much money do I need to retire

Todd Tresidder is a well-known financial coach and founder of FinancialMentor.com and he was kind enough to send me a free kindle copy of his book How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?  Today I’m going to share some of my thoughts on Todd’s book. When most people think about retirement they imagine a […]

The Dangers of Trying to Time the Market


How many times have you heard that “buy low, sell high” is the key to amassing a fortune on the stock market? It certainly seems like common sense to buy something at its lowest price and then sell it when prices peak.  But while the mantra of “buy low, sell high” sounds good in theory, […]

Who Needs Toys and Clothes? Give a Child the Gift of an Investment

If you’re a parent of young kids, do your children have one designated play area where all their toys are stored, or do you have toys in several different places in the house? I’m guessing it is the latter. We have 3 kids ranging in age from 8 to 2, and they have toys all […]

Sharebuilder Cuts Prices for Online Trades

In an email that went out to customers on Wednesday, Capital One announced that it was lowering the cost of trades at its popular online broker Sharebuilder. The price change takes effect on March 1, 2013 and it will slash the price of trades for Sharebuilder Basic customers from $9.95 to $7.95. Sharebuilder Advantage customers […]

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