Isaac Newton’s Guide to Personal Finance


Lately I've found myself watching less and less television.  Sure there are some shows that I enjoy and I like to catch a Mets game now and then, but there are just so many better things to do with my nights.  I have big goals, and if I’m going to achieve them I need to spend my free time working towards them instead of watching American Idol or old Golden Girls … [Read more...]

Four Epic Events That Forever Changed My Life And Finances

4 financial events that changed my life

The other day I read a great article by Mark from Bare Budget Guy that really struck a chord with me. In the article, Mark discusses 4 epic decisions that fundamentally altered the course of his life and finances.  You can check out his post right here to read more about Mark's epic decisions, and maybe it will get you thinking about some of the decisions you've made in your … [Read more...]

7 Things I Learned Watching Honeymooners Re-runs

The Honeymooners

The Honeymooners is my all-time favorite television show.  I've seen each episode dozens of times and yet I still laugh out loud when I watch it.  The misadventures of the Kramdens and the Nortons is classic television at its best. But if you look past all the jokes and gags there are some valuable lessons to be learned... 1. Get rich quick schemes don't work. Ralph … [Read more...]

Seven Characteristics of The Millionaire Next Door

If you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start building real wealth, you should look at these 7 characteristics that most millionaires have and you probably do not. In their classic 1996 book The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley and William Danko share their findings about the factors that determine who becomes wealthy in America.   You might be surprised … [Read more...]

Darth Vader’s Top 5 Tips For Saving Money

Okay, I admit it…I’m a bit of a Star Wars nerd. I used to beg my dad non-stop for the newest Obi-Wan or Admiral Ackbar figures. And I completely wore out my VHS tapes of the original trilogy until they were virtually unwatchable (much like any of the prequels when Natalie Portman was not on screen). So as I sat brainstorming for new ideas to write about, I … [Read more...]