Do You Play the Lottery?

By: veggiefrog

A buck doesn’t buy much these days.  You can’t even get a decent cup of coffee for a dollar anymore. But what you can buy is a chance to win hundreds of millions of dollars through the lottery.  Just a dollar and a little bit of luck could change your life forever and make you… 

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Infographic on Credit Scores

Short post today…I came across a neat infographic created by the folks at Quizzle and I think it is something you’d find interesting. Since you’re reading a personal finance blog, you’re probably already more financially-savvy than the typical person on the street.  But even people with money smarts don’t always make all the right decisions… 

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Coolest Stock Certificates

disney stock certificate

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who is financially savvy and good with their money, how about something creative like a framed stock certificate issued by their favorite company? Few people bother with physical stock certificates these days.  It’s much cheaper and more convenient to keep your stock in an online trading… 

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