Creating Business Relationships as a Blogger

There’s no doubt that starting a blog just to make money is a losing proposition.  However, if you start a blog because you love to write and want to help people, you may be able to make some money from the blog. . .eventually.

Most bloggers spend at least several months, if not more, before they make ANY money from their blog.  They’re lucky if they even make enough to cover the cost of blogging.

However, if you’ve been blogging for several months (or years) and have built up a loyal following, now may be the time to reach out to companies to see if you could begin a mutually beneficial relationship.

Ways to Make Money That You Already Utilize

Of course, you can always make money from your blog with affiliate links, which is what many bloggers do.  You can also include advertisements on your sidebar, though those may not be quite as effective with your regular readers.  Some bloggers also include sponsored posts in their blog, but that can be risky as Google frowns on the practice.

Form Partnerships to Increase Your Income

What you may not have done is form a partnership with a corporation whose product you use.  This can be an excellent way to work with the brand and improve your bottom line.

After all, recommending the brand to your readers is easy because you already use it yourself.  Your genuine endorsement can resonate with readers who may want to try the product just because you think so highly of it.

The advertiser benefits as well because you’ll be able to recommend and endorse their brand at regular intervals and keep the product fresh in your readers’ minds.

How to Enter Into These Types of Relationships

An easy way to connect with brands is to work with them on reviews and giveaways.  Many businesses recognize the impact bloggers have and are eager to work with them.  You can e-mail the company, mention that you love their product and ask if they’d be interested in a review and giveaway.  You may need to have a media kit which should give the  mission of your blog, your analytics, and the demographic of your readers.

If the review and giveaway is successful, you may want to ask the brand to work with you further.  You could work with them on another review and giveaway, or you could pursue sponsorship to attend a conference or a brand ambassadorship.

If you work as a brand ambassador, you may agree to mention the brand on your social media accounts a certain number of times per month, you may write a post or two a month, and you might hold giveaways.  These relationships typically run for at least 3 months and have the potential to earn you hundreds of dollars.

So, the next time you pick up your favorite product, consider contacting the manufacturer and exploring the possibility of holding a review and giveaway.  The relationship may grow into something much more.  You won’t know, though, until you take the first step of contacting the brand.

Have you formed relationships with brands?  How did you work together?



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Melissa works from home as a freelance writer, virtual assistant and blogger. Her blog, Mom's Plans, reflects her desire to plan life one step at a time while caring for and homeschooling her children (ages 9, 5 and 3) as well as paying down debt and saving for a house.


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