House Hunting? Expect to See Some Crazy Stuff…

We’re in the process of moving and let me tell you we saw some crazy stuff during our house hunting adventures.

When you’re selling your home it’s important to make sure that everything is in working order and that the house is clean and has plenty of curb appeal.  There are many inexpensive projects you can do yourself to add curb appeal and you should start doing so a few months before you actually list your home.   My family just went through this process ourselves as we sold our old home and are preparing to move into a new one.  We looked at quite a few houses before finding the right one, and below I’ve listed some of the weirder things we saw during our house-hunting experiences.

Actually only the first one was a recent find…the rest are things we saw when we were looking for our first starter home.  We were looking at a much lower price level back then and I think that had something to do with the general level of weirdness.

Chandelier hanging from a ceiling fan.  Unfortunately this is the only one I have a picture of (apologies for the blurriness but I have an old cell phone).  I can just imagine a husband and wife arguing over the light fixture with one insisting on a ceiling fan and the other demanding a chandelier with this being the compromise.   Of course this is not only bizarre but unsafe as well, and I’m guessing the work wasn’t done by a licensed electrician.   You would think the listing agent would have suggested replacing this Frankenstein fixture before having an open house.

Wall to wall tile.  Tiling your kitchen and bathrooms is appropriate.  Depending on your home’s floor plan you could even tile the hallway or foyer.  But one house we walked into had the same tile in every room of the house including the family room and even the bedrooms.  I can only imagine that they got one hell of a deal on this tile and went a little overboard, but wall to wall tile is not really my thing.

A cluttered mess with underwear on the floor.  One of the first things any realtor will tell you is that you should get rid of any clutter when staging your home.  Well the very first home we ever looked at back when we were first time home-buyers was so cluttered with crap that you could hardly see the floor!  These were serious hoarders with years of mail backed up on the kitchen counters and at least a dozen old yellow pages sitting in the corner.  There were thousands of hockey cards spread out on the kitchen table.  But the worst of all was having to step over a pair of underwear that was sitting on the living room floor.  Classy!

Missing walls and exposed wiring.  There was one house that I got very excited about when we first drove up.  It was on a nice quiet street, the roof and siding looked pretty new, and there was a charming garden area out front to welcome visitors.  Then we walked inside and found a disaster.  It looked like they were in the middle of renovating the interior and ran out of money and so there were entire walls missing with exposed wiring and duct work everywhere.  It would cost a fortune just to get it up to code!

Strange doorway in the shower.  At one house we looked at I noticed a strange looking door that was actually inside the shower.  I thought it was kind of strange and opened the door expecting to see a linen closet, but as I swung open the door I found a creepy old stairway that led up to an even creepier old attic.  That’s right…in order to get to the attic you had to actually go through the bath tub.  Talk about convenient!

Six inches of water in the basement.  There was one house my wife fell in love with as soon as we walked in the door.  It had a newly renovated kitchen, beautiful hardwood floors, and ornate crown molding.  I could tell she was already starting to picture us living there.  Then we opened the door to the basement and the stench hit us like a dropkick to the face.  Not only did it smell of moisture, but there was a good six inches of standing water in the basement!  There were also some major cracks in the basement walls that looked like foundation problems so we kept on looking.

A bizarre closet.  This one is my favorite.  There was one house we looked at that was vacant and you could tell the previous owner had just gone through the entire house and painted everything the same bland beige color.  All except the inside of one of the closets.  That particular closet was painted black, with red and blue trim.  But that’s not all…they had also taken some glow in the dark paint or marker and written all sorts of curse words on the black walls.  With the door closed it was quite a scene.  Oh yea, and did I mention they left a poster of Lee Majors (The Fall Guy) on the inside of the closet door?

By the way, that last one with the crazy closet just happened to be the house we ended up buying as our first home!  It just goes to show that you have to be able to look beyond cosmetic changes and see the potential in a house.

We move into our new home this weekend, but there are no curse words or 1980s era posters in this one!

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    Gooooooood luck! Made a cross country move last summer and am so glad it is over. We are almost done unpacking :) 10 months later. Have fun with the decorating, that’s my favorite part :)

    • says

      Thanks Barb! Luckily there isn’t anything too crazy with the new house. Obviously we’ll want to paint and I have some other projects in mind too, but nothing that’s a real eyesore and needs to be done immediately.

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    When I was house hunting, I actually considered this house that happened to have an enormous doll house in the backyard (like 10 feet by 10 feet) packed with creepy dolls……needless to say it made our decision easier…..didn’t want any of those things coming to life while we were asleep…

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