What Other Bloggers Are Talking About #2

I was pretty much unplugged during my entire Disney World vacation earlier this month as I really needed to take some time and recharge.  Now that I’m back I’ve been doing a lot of extra reading to catch up on all of the great articles I missed,

Here are just a few that stood out to me:

Why Your Retirement Won’t Be Like Your Parents’ — and What You Can Do About It | Money Talks News

Stacy Johnson discusses the myriad issues facing Americans as they try to save for retirement.  With defined benefit pensions going the way of the dinosaurs,  it’s going to be a lot harder for most of us to retire comfortably.

Forget The Latte Factor, What Your “Things” Really Cost You | Getting a Rich Life

Time is the most valuable thing in the world, and I like the concept of “buying time” by saving or not spending on something frivolous.  Saving $4 on something like coffee may not seem like a big deal, but if I think of it as “buying” more time with my kids I’m more likely to do without.

How to Find Freelance Jobs  | Single Moms Income

I’m looking to branch off a bit and dip my toes in the freelance writing business so I found this article particularly timely.  It’s full of useful tips and templates you can use to land a freelancing gig.

What is Renter’s Insurance and Why You Need It | Free From Broke

I’ve been a homeowner for a good number of years now so I don’t have to worry about renter’s insurance.  But if you’re renting this is an article you need to read.  Don’t just assume your landlord’s insurance will cover the cost of replacing all your possessions…it almost definitely does not.

How to Negotiate a Deal | Canadian Finance Blog

Whether or not we realize it, we negotiate every day.  It could be with the car dealer over how much we’re going to pay for the newest model or with our own kids as we try to get them to eat their carrots…negotiation skills are a must.




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    Thanks for the mention!

    Disney is a pretty crazy vacation. It’s great to unplug but you end up running around so much you need a vacation from your vacation. But it is loads of fun!

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