Defined Benefit vs Defined Contribution

Employer-sponsored retirement plans can basically be divided into two categories:  defined benefit vs defined contribution. In a traditional defined benefit pension plan, an employee receives a set monthly amount once they reach retirement.  The amount they receive is based upon the participant’s salary and length of service with the company.  They continue to receive that amount… 

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Do You Work On Vacation?

work on vacation

In today’s world it is becoming harder and harder to separate our work life from our home life. Being able to work from home or check emails on your smart phone sounds like a great idea at first.  After all, working from home allows you to eliminate your commute which should both save you money… 

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The Importance of Life Insurance

importance of life insurance

The other night my sister and her family came for dinner and while we enjoyed some grilled chicken and red wine, we also had an interesting discussion about the importance of life insurance. My sister is almost twenty years older than I am and her kids are all in their early twenties, while mine are all between the… 

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Celebrity Body Parts Are Expensive to Insure

The New York Post had a neat slideshow detailing some of the most expensive insurance policies taken out on celebrity body parts. Some of the insurance policies are only rumored so I can’t confirm whether or not they actually exist, but several other websites mention similar policies for the same celebrities so I’m inclined to… 

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