Never Go Food Shopping With An Empty Belly

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This article is part of Money Saving Mondays, a regular series devoted to sharing simple, actionable tips that you can use right away to start saving money immediately. My wife does most of the big food shopping trips for our family by herself.  She finds it easier and faster to just go alone during the week without the kids (and husband) in tow.  But fairly often she asks … [Read more...]

Just One More Reason I Love Amazon

When people have a bad experience with a company, they're all more than happy to complain about it to everyone they know both in real life and on their social media profiles. But few people take the time to congratulate the companies who get customer service right, so I'm going to take this opportunity to give one of my favorite companies some props for a job well … [Read more...]

The Creative Income Savings Account Challenge

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A few months ago J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy wrote about his efforts to save money by challenging everything and keeping all those savings in a separate account.  He's keeping it separate to demonstrate the power of cutting recurring expenses and to keep him motivated to keep saving and making that balance grow. Well, I've really enjoyed reading his monthly updates and … [Read more...]

Borrow Books From Your Libary


Today's Money Saving Monday tip is pretty simple: start borrowing books from your local library instead of buying them. I love reading and do it pretty much every day. My home office has shelves full of books and I love looking for new ones to read. But reading can be an expensive habit so I no longer buy every book that piques my interest. These days I only buy the books … [Read more...]

Breaking the “College for Everyone” Mindset

Job U book review

I've seen far too many young people graduate college with tens of thousands in dollars in student loan debt and still struggle to find full-time work, so when I had an opportunity to grab a free review copy of "Job U" from I couldn't resist. Written by Nicolas Wyman, CEO of the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation, Job U is an ambitious book … [Read more...]