Breaking the “College for Everyone” Mindset

Job U book review

I've seen far too many young people graduate college with tens of thousands in dollars in student loan debt and still struggle to find full-time work, so when I had an opportunity to grab a free review copy of "Job U" from I couldn't resist. Written by Nicolas Wyman, CEO of the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation, Job U is an ambitious book … [Read more...]

Free Rita’s Ice Today!

free ritas ice

Ahhh, at last the first day of spring is here, and you know what that means? It means free Italian ices at Rita's nationwide!  From noon to 9pm, all guests who visit a Rita's Italian Ice will receive a FREE limited edition cup of Italian ice to celebrate the first day of Spring. Flavor availability varies by location, but there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Just show up and … [Read more...]

Four Epic Events That Forever Changed My Life And Finances

4 financial events that changed my life

The other day I read a great article by Mark from Bare Budget Guy in which he discussed 4 epic decisions that fundamentally altered the course of his life and finances.  You can check out his post here to read more about Mark's epic decisions, and maybe it will get you thinking about some of the decisions you've made in your own life and how they have affected you. I was so … [Read more...]

Thou Shalt Not Idle

Car exhaust pipe

Welcome to the latest installment of Money Saving Mondays, an ongoing series where we share simple, actionable tips that you can use right away to start saving money immediately. Today's tip will help you save money on gas: quit idling! Studies show that letting your engine idle for any longer than ten seconds uses more gas than turning off the engine and starting it up … [Read more...]