7 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Guarantee You’ll Spend the Night on the Couch


Give your wife any of these crappy Mother’s Day gifts and you’ll be looking for a new place to sleep. Guys are not exactly known for their ability to pick out the perfect gift.  And with Mother’s Day just a few days away there is bound to be a lot of last minute scrambling to bring home something (anything!)  to make the women in our lives happy. But you’d better choose … [Read more...]

How to Cut Your Own Hair To Save Money

cut your own hair

Welcome to the latest edition of Money Saving Mondays, a recurring series where we share simple, actionable tips that you can follow to start saving money right away. Today's tip is to cut your own hair, and while this may not be a tip that everyone will want to try, those who do can save some serious money by shearing their own locks. I started cutting my own hair (with … [Read more...]

Verizon FiOS Promo Codes

Verizon Promo Code

Updated to include the latest Verizon promotion codes and offers on May 20, 2015. On this page we share links to all of the Verizon promo codes and special offers we can find.  We scour the web and get most of our deals directly from Verizon themselves and then list them here in one place so you can save some money.  Taking advantage of Verizon FiOS promotional codes is a … [Read more...]

My 5 Year Old Charged $209.45 On My Credit Card!


Kids do the darndest things don't they? Sometimes they can be so cute and thoughtful and you just want to squeeze them until they burst (figuratively). And at other times they do things that drive you right up the wall and make you want to squeeze them until they burst (literally). So the other night I came home from work and my wife and I were getting dinner started … [Read more...]

Wealthy Turtle Is Growing

Sequence of pumpkin plant growing isolated, evolution concept

When you first start blogging it can be really hard to stay motivated.  No one even knows you exist and you feel like you're just writing for yourself. Little by little you meet other bloggers and your site actually starts getting visitors that don't have the same last name as you. Some of them even subscribe to your blog because they enjoy your writing and don't want to … [Read more...]